About Us


Charles Hall Youth and Family Services is a licensed Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP) in Bismarck, North Dakota. Founded in 1965 by the United Church of Christ, our faith-based organization offers trauma-informed care and strength-based programming in a community setting. Today, Charles Hall provides group home residential foster care services for up to 16 youth in three residential, neighborhood-based homes. The agency serves boys and girls ages 10 – 19. In 2019, our programming broadened to include aftercare and services to families of youth placed in the agency’s residential program.

Our Program

QRTP services are more intensive than family-based foster care, but less intensive or restrictive than care at a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF). At Charles Hall, youth participate in individual and group therapy, as well as planned experiential learning activities. Social-emotional learning (SEL) complements trauma-informed care, and program partnerships in the local community provide youth with added opportunities for specialized therapeutic care (e.g., addiction services), health and recreation, creative arts, and community service. Equestrian activities are offered through partnership with Harmony Stables in Bismarck, and many youth participate in sports activities such as gymnastics and dance. All youth receive case management and individualized treatment plans to assist in readying the child to return home or to kin or a foster home as soon as is possible with identified community supports.

See Our Approach for program details and intake criteria for appropriate placements.

Our Values

Core values of Mercy, Justice and Belonging influence all areas of programming and practice standards.

See Our Core Values to learn more.