Our Core Values


Our task is to offer supportive and responsive relationship where forgiveness, understanding, and kindness resonate in all that we say and do. Mercy makes room for mistakes, reminding us that errors are part of being human. We encourage and challenge children and families so that they can discover their strengths and use them in positive ways to better their lives and find connection with others.


At Charles Hall Youth and Family Services, fairness, impartiality, honesty and integrity are integral to model justice. We establish norms, rules and structures that are reasonable and consistent, and consequences are appropriate to specific behaviors and circumstances. Reconciliation, restitution, and resolution are the three “Rs” that help us promote justice. Mistakes are viewed as unique opportunities to learn and grow. Healthy thinking and emotions result in healthy and appropriate behaviors.


Supporting responsive and respectful relationships are central to the Charles Hall experience. We believe all children need wholesome, healthy relationships with caring adults. Those relationships, whether through a birth family, family of choice or court directive (e.g., foster home, group care, adoptive home, etc.), must be nurtured and supported. For all children, healthy relationships can be the catalyst for right behavior, emotional stability, psychological resiliency, and ultimately the development and healthy self-esteem.