Our Philosophy

Charles Hall Youth and Family Services believes...

  • All children have worth and that trauma can heal given time and connection.
  • Children and families come to us with innate and unique strengths and gifts that can be identified, nurtured, and built upon.
  • The self-worth of an individual is one of the most critical psychological human needs.
  • Mistakes create some of the best opportunities for all of us to learn and grow.
  • Adolescents and teenagers have the capacity and the responsibility to take an active role in their own social, emotional, moral, physical, and spiritual growth.
  • Youth have individual personalities, needs, and learning styles that should be considered when issues are addressed.
  • Children with complex trauma, as well as their families, need to experience healthy love, acceptance, validation, and presence (supportive and responsive relationships).

Charles Hall philosophy and programming...

  • Develops resilience and coping skills in children to help them navigate the challenges in their everyday lives;
  • Supports adolescents and teenagers in working to manage the stresses in their lives that have been unmanageable in the past;
  • Teaches the attitudes and skills that foster a fundamental sense of self-respect and self-valuing in each child served; and,
  • Supports children and youth as they learn to make positive choices for their futures.

Charles Hall achieves its goals by...

  • Developing the capacity of its staff to create positive and meaningful relationships with youth;
  • Developing the capacity of children and youth to legitimately earn a sense of self-worth; and,
  • Developing the capacity of children and youth to manage feelings and emotions.